Want to become fit and have healthy body weight? Join us to transform your body and get fit with SampoornMe. We are a team of qualified dieticians and nutritionists who will guide you how to eat right and become healthy and fit.  Always remember, a healthy plate will help you become healthier.



Do you feel the need to be heard? We at SampoornMe are a team of psychologists, therapists, motivators, doctors and counselors to provide awareness on how to have a healthy mind and provide confidential, anonymous and need based services. Always remember, a healthy mind is a happy mind. Here at SampoornMe you are free to express your feelings, and the professionals will help you in facilitating your growth for a healthy and positive mental well-being.



Do you also want to become fit? We are a team of qualified fitness professionals who are passionate , dedicated and holds a positive responsibility towards helping others to lead a better life. Always remember, a fit body leads to a healthy life.


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