About Us

SampoornMe is a Health NGO working for spreading health and happiness to society. We are manifested and run by a team of experienced professionals and countless volunteers with the courage and capability to spread awareness and knowledge around some of the crucial subjects of today like mental fitness, Health, wellness and physical fitness through our short, crisp and informative videos .We strive to reach everyone, everyday till the time a well driven lifestyle becomes a HABIT!
We are running daily sessions of Yoga, Aerobics, Dance Fitness, Self Defence, Dance for Kids, Home workout and many more. All are completely free of Cost. Call, Message or Email us on given number and Join now and BE FIT AND HAPPY NOW AT HOME.



Our vision is to create the health and wellness an enduring part of every home, and every individual’s life. Our services doesn’t require any specific place or equipments. Available round the clock, our expert sessions and classes work as a stress-buster and motivation session for all. 

So We Enhance Your Life Making You Fit

Thus, with SampoornMe you can enhance the Sampoorn You in a very little time. 


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