About Us

“Health doesn’t demand fasting, it demands dedication and a healthy habit.”


Breaking the monotonous thought of working on yourself hard to be fit, SampoornMe is a step towards evolving your toxic and destructive lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle effortlessly. We are an organization dedicatedly working to deliver health at your doorsteps. 


Wondering, how?? 


SampoornMe has categorized the health into 3 broad categories, that are:

  • Mind

  • Diet 

  • Exercise


With the committed departments on this trio, SampoornMe aces in making the health a permanent member of your body. The enthusiastic and professional team of trainers, dieticians, physicians, and meditation experts works with a single aim to provide a happy and healthy state to your body. Thus, with us, you will be able to transform into a confident and a fit you.



Our vision is to create the health and wellness an enduring part of every home, and every individual’s life. Our services doesn’t require any specific place or equipments. Available round the clock, our expert sessions and classes work as a stress-buster and motivation session for all. 

So We Enhance Your Life Making You Fit

Thus, with SampoornMe you can enhance the Sampoorn You in a very little time. 


Our different categories

  • Diet

    Your dietician at your fingertips. Now no more worries for calorie intake or a risk of obesity. Our dietitians offer you a one-on-one session to treat your problems and give you the solutions that works magically. 

  • Mind

    Our experts know how to give the healing that your mind deserves. Your mind- the tech geek of your body requires little extra care to work smoothly. Thus, the mind needs to be strong and powerful enough to take all your decisions wisely. Give it a treat with our proven mind experts. 

  • Exercise

    To be in a shape is a dream of many but the reality for some. Making it a beautiful reality of every individual, SampoornMe brings the fitness ritual to every hook and nook of the world. Now live the fitness life the way you want. Enjoy a fit body effortlessly. 

Our Team

Shalini Vij


CA Sunil Gupta


Farha Naseem


Esha Manchandani


Sahil Kumar


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