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SampoornMe is India’s first  Health NGO, who is working for spreading health and happiness to society.  We are working on 3 Parameters Mind, Diet & Exercise, We are running offline and online sessions of Yoga, Aerobics, Dance Fitness, Self Defence, Dance for Kids, Home workout, Stress Management, Personality development, Doctor sessions and many more. 

All programmes will be conducted via zoom meetings and  taken by experts, Certified trainers and professionals. 

In Public Interest all programs are free of cost because We Care For You and Your Family.

Sampoornme Family Benefits-

  • All sessions are completely free of cost

  • Digital membership card will be issued by sampoornme to every member and you can avail discount upon showing that card.

  • We have tie up with experts doctors, labs, dieticians and using that membership card you can avail extra discount as being member of a sampoornme Family.

  • Provides a wide range of healthy diet plans to make you fit and healthy. Dietician will keep regular follow ups via online, phone calls and emails to help you in a best way.
    Charges for non members 
    Charges for members

  • Diet consultancy - For members
    For non members- Free one time

  • Yoga consultancy- For members
    For non members- Free one time

  •  Members' profiles will be listed on sampoornme website.

We value your relationship with SampoornMe and looking forward to make you a valuable member of our Family.


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