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Difference Between Dieting and Starving

What is normal eating and exercise behavior in young adolescents and what are normal adolescent thoughts about eating and body shape and weight?

The unrealistic body and beauty expectation, forced on the common man tampers with their original self. Pictures in magazines and banners are edited to perfection but still considered to be true. They set high bars for beauty causing the population to mold themselves into pictured states.

There are prominent cases in which people underwent severe dieting, which was basically starvation and dismissal of food. We have constructed a very harmful idea of dieting in the minds and that thought has been planted so strongly that it is difficult to uproot. According to people, dieting means cutting down on all food. It means depriving your body of important nutrients and all the essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body. What was described was not dieting, but starvation.

Dieting in simple words means that one person is restricting the number of calories and nutrients. Dieting means eating cautiously all your nutrients but not compromising on your health.

Starving yourself is a completely different matter. It is sometimes triggered by the person’s body due to various factors like the urge to lose weight, illness, self-comparison, and much more. It risks the person suffering from an eating disorder. A person may have risk factors for an eating disorder, but never develop one, while others appear to develop eating disorders in the absence of known risk factors.

Restricting the intake of food or maintaining low weight which leads to vomiting, nausea, disliking tablets has no positive effect on the body which people try to induce. It will only prepare the body for further problems and restrict their energy to do any kind of work.

Whenever there is a health condition, you are usually put on a specific kind of diet. This is because every condition requires different treatment and different patterns of eating to cure it. For example, when the person is operated on, he/she cannot digest certain foods. Therefore the diets are modified such that they are able to cure themselves more quickly.

Improving the self-esteem of school students, encouraging communication, and helping students to be supportive of each other may prevent some young women from developing eating disorders. Only when we normalize all body and beauty types, will we be able to say all the people from harming their bodies. Regular skipping of food and a decrease in the eating amount should be taken seriously.

Consult a dietician if necessary because not eating food is not the solution to stay fit, regulating what we eat is what is right. Get a prescribed balanced dieting chart for weight loss according to your body, suitable for only you.

SampoornMe feel alive stands on three main pillars of life Mind | Diet | Exercise where you can change the perspective of life with a healthy body and strong mind no matter what gender or age you belong to a healthy body leads to a healthy life or life span.

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