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Do you know an unhealthy routine make your lifestyle scattered?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Unhealthy routine excess weight are first few sign which lead you into path of various dangerous diseases best way to work for healthier life style manage to do daily exercise and nutritious eating habits.

As we know ongoing scenario of pandemic COVID-19 where we need to protect ourselves and our family from virus as vaccine still haven’t yet came in market then how we simulate our health and shield our immune system?

For these question we have simple solution Exercise | Yoga all you need to give spare time every morning or evening to develop healthier habits which required no prescription no surgery, our body is temple of God it should be our duty to maintain and protect which is given by God.

SampoornMe feel alive social start up stand on three pillars Mind | Diet | Fitness, where fitness trainer aid you on healthier journey by keeping in mind your body requirement and medical history, best way to get fit and healthy by numbers of activities e.g Yoga, Aerobics, Self Defense, Body Weight Workout and many more which is effective to keep balance in body shape.

SampoornMe brought you Virtual Health club where you can join daily session through virtual lens by sitting at home and communicate with fitness experts for your specific requirement.

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