Food Being The First Medicine?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

“Healthy food works nothing less than medicine for us.” This line is rightly said so. This is because food is the only thing that can help us cure our diseases or actually prevent the diseases from manifesting in our body.

Our body is like a machine which needs a fuel called ‘FOOD’. Food works as a energy booster for our body to perform daily activities. Rightly so, it is said that we are what we eat. It is actually true because every cell and everything in our body is made up of what is there in our body.

How Does Food Work As A Medicine?

More than anything in our lives, food plays an important role in shaping us as what we are. Our food habits determine how we function. Whether we are staying healthy, fit or not depends on our food habits to a very large extent. Therefore whatever we eat is channelized in the right direction by our body to provide necessary nutrients in correct amounts. The deficiency of nutrients and the toxicity of a poor diet can turn a healthy person into an unhealthy one with ease.

Any disease condition requires good nutrition as a base in order to cure. Whether it is diabetes, cancer, hypertension and many more such diseases. However, not just this, the researchers state that food has many other benefits and act as a natural shield against numerous diseases that are:

  • Controlling Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the root causes of many diseases and affects aging too.

However, inflammation is the response/sign from the immune system and can make a major effect on almost every tissue.

Even the most hyped disease that can be found in nearly two-thirds of the adult i.e. obesity has a strong inflammatory component.

  • Balancing Hormones

Hormones affect almost every part of the health and body in some or another way. From your energy and cognitive abilities to your body weight, hormones are the game changer in your body.

However abnormal hormones can contribute to accelerated aging, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, low mental capacity or depression that can only be balanced with the right food and proper diet.

  • Balancing Sugar

Diabetes and weight are the complementary effects you get with the poor insulin response. Poorly managed blood sugar levels due to consuming a high amount of sugar and processed carbohydrates can make you fatigued and can lead to cravings.

Thus, to have a normal sugar level, low-glycemic, and non-processed carbohydrates can be consumed.

  • Detoxifying Toxins

Toxicity is tied to poor digestive health, hormonal changes and decrease liver functioning. Thus, our bombarded adulterated diet and environment give rise to many diseases including hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, etc.

Above listed are just a few diseases from which you can be protected by just eating the right proportion diet.

Making it easier for you, we have mentioned some of the best medicinal food for you. Have a look:

Best Medicinal Food

To keep you away from illness, here are food groups to protect you. Add them to your diet and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Fresh Veggies

Heard your mom saying, ‘Eat your greenies to stay fit?’

Green vegetables are considered some of the purest and healthiest food found on earth. They help to restore the body’s proper pH and prevent nutrient deficiencies.

However, they are low in calories that can work as antioxidants for you.

Nearly all the diseases include infection and even cancer thrive in an acidic environment. Thus, consuming fresh vegetables prevents cellular damage and lower free radical damage.

2. Omega-3 Food

A diet high in ‘good fats’ is essential for controlling inflammation, cognitive health, and hormone production. Even it can help you to prevent cancer, weight loss and cellular healing.

The best source of Omega-3 includes fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.

Note- Avoid oil rich in Omega-6s like soyabean oil and vegetable oil.

3. Fiber Food

Fiber is an element that provides bulk to your stool without adding bulk to your diets. They are very essential for gut functioning and good bowel movement. Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol and strengthens the colon walls. It also prevents insulin resistance and promotes the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria in your gut.

Adults should consume 30-40 grams of fiber daily. High-fiber food includes almost all the Fruits and Vegetables , Oats, Whole Grains like Wheat Atta with Bran etc.


Food is the only cure to all , whether sick or healthy. This is because it provides nourishment to our body, satiety to our soul and smiles to our faces.

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