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How Depression Affects Your Efficiency?

Hey people,

Don’t you think we all are a bunch of happy-looking sad liars?

We belong to a generation where our social media is filled with happy-go-lucky pictures and our lives filled with sad and depressing canvas. (Relatable, Right?)

Let’s take a round to not so happening but the true face of our life- the depression phase.

You might have witnessed people saying, I am undergoing the depression phase or I am very depressed. But have you ever wondered, what actually is this depression?

What is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that can affect a major part of your everyday life.

It is surely not a viral infection but works nothing less than a computer virus that hangs and delays all our body functionalities.

According to the latest WHO report “264 million people all ages suffer from depression. It is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden disease.”

Therefore with this report, you can understand that depression doesn’t do any discrimination amongst the population. No matter you are of which religion, gender, age, or caste, anyone from anywhere can be a victim of depression.

How To Know That You Are Just Sad Or Depressed?

After knowing the actual meaning of depression, we hope you don’t want to be a victim anymore. So, to clear your thoughts here are some depression symptoms which you can relate with yourself. Have a look:

• Sad and lonely feeling for over 2 weeks

• Feeling helpless and hopeless

• Changes in the appetite

• Headaches and chronic pain

• Anxious

• Constant fatigue

• Change in sleeping schedule

• Thoughts of suicide

• Anger