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How Depression Affects Your Efficiency?

Hey people,

Don’t you think we all are a bunch of happy-looking sad liars?

We belong to a generation where our social media is filled with happy-go-lucky pictures and our lives filled with sad and depressing canvas. (Relatable, Right?)

Let’s take a round to not so happening but the true face of our life- the depression phase.

You might have witnessed people saying, I am undergoing the depression phase or I am very depressed. But have you ever wondered, what actually is this depression?

What is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that can affect a major part of your everyday life.

It is surely not a viral infection but works nothing less than a computer virus that hangs and delays all our body functionalities.

According to the latest WHO report “264 million people all ages suffer from depression. It is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden disease.”

Therefore with this report, you can understand that depression doesn’t do any discrimination amongst the population. No matter you are of which religion, gender, age, or caste, anyone from anywhere can be a victim of depression.

How To Know That You Are Just Sad Or Depressed?

After knowing the actual meaning of depression, we hope you don’t want to be a victim anymore. So, to clear your thoughts here are some depression symptoms which you can relate with yourself. Have a look:

• Sad and lonely feeling for over 2 weeks

• Feeling helpless and hopeless

• Changes in the appetite

• Headaches and chronic pain

• Anxious

• Constant fatigue

• Change in sleeping schedule

• Thoughts of suicide

• Anger

If you have any 5 of these symptoms for 2 weeks, then it is high time to work on yourself.

Else, you have to pay a high-cost with an adverse effect on your work efficiency.

Want to know what are they?

How Depression Affects Your Efficiency?

Depression can interfere with the person’s ability to think and can challenge the motivation to get the work done. The story doesn’t end here, check out the listed below effects as well.

• A Low Mood

Sadness doesn’t describe depression. According to human nature, sad and happy are the two most common traits any person could express. Therefore, sadness is a bitter truth of human life.

However, depression is in complete despair. It makes you feel hard to breathe. This eventually brings your motivation to absolute zero levels and thus, you don’t feel like doing any kind of work.

• Deadness

Here deadness belongs to low or absolutely no interest.

During depression, the brain simply loses its ability to recognize pleasure. Thus, pleasure is the esteem urge of a human life that gets rejected in the form of no relations, no activities, no connectivity due to the depressing phase.

Therefore, it is not your work that turns boring, it’s the depression that elicits no feelings.

• Fatigue

Most of us tend to think fatigue is directly connected with the amount of sleep we wish to have.

So, to clear once it for all, the fatigue of depression is not the sleepiness. It is the exhaustion level you feel after days without sleep or even after the full 10 hours of sleep.

Fatigue gives rise to some other health issues like headaches and digestive problems. No matter you are sitting how many hours in front of your laptop or PC, this situation doesn’t allow you to work with your full capability and determination.

• Worthlessness

Ever felt you are of no worth in this space?

This is one major sign of depression, where you think you don’t even deserve to breathe.

In this situation, you feel like you are good for nothing. Currently failing with your job tasks or socially getting negative comments can lead you to this situation.

• No Focus

Cognitive functioning including critical thinking, motor skills, and social functioning together strike you with the thunder of depression.

You can relate it with the lack of focus during the completion of a task.

This makes it the person difficult to organize and plan things and slowly rises like a big issue in accomplishing your job tasks.


“Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.”

With the above-mentioned scenario, you can surely craft a picture of what a person undergoing depression has to face.

Therefore, from now, don’t make a random statement for yourself that you are depressed, until and unless you witness the above-listed symptoms in your life.

Also, if you find or know someone dealing with this tough phase, try to deliver some of your positive vibes to him/her.

As you never know, how your single little effort can change someone’s life.

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