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Importance of Self Defense

The importance of Self defense helps maintain discipline and protect yourself and your loved one in any required situation no one knows what will happen on very next moments world is a dangerous place filled with bad people learning self-defense helps to protect your family and yourself which also add disciple even build confidence and moral value.

As we all are aware of ongoing cruelty women are being dishonored in daily bases even children as well protecting them each moment can be possible if we provide them with the correct direction to protect themselves. Self-defense techniques help include Taekwondo, Martial arts, kickboxing and Karate are some of the major techniques included in it.

Self Defense Techniques

Taekwondo – Helps to improved muscle tone and increased strength and stamina, reduce stress and boost confidence even beneficial to improve mental health.

Martial arts – Helps to correct postures, burns more calories and tone muscle, improve mental health and make you physically active.

Kickboxing – Kicking cardio is a high-energy cardio routine that will give your mind and body a robust boost, helps to increase energy level, reduce stress, keep you healthy and fit, and helps to reduce more calories.

Karate – Practice of karate strengthens the mind, develops discipline and composure in a life, gives strength to the body, improves coordination, builds stamina and is effective for overall health.

Benefits of Self-Defense

Self- defense furnishes you numerous ways

Mental and physical strength – Learning self-defense helps to improve stress control anxiety help to improve overall well-being engaging yourself 1-2 hour’s religiously in a physical activity reduces more amount of stress as body stimulates and generate blood flow and oxygen to our body which pumps a good amount of oxygen which improve heart rate, keeps heart more healthy.

Beneficial for fitness training – Self-defense helps to correct posture even balance and maintain body weight.

Helps to strengthen inner core – Techniques apply in self-defense activity helps to build strong core muscles and even strengthen inner core and boost immunity.

Improve concentration – Self-defense helps to improve concentration ability especially in children and teenagers and even add discipline in life.

Build confidence and motivates – World is moving fast in speed of lights lack of confidence and motivation create barriers to move forwards, bullying as well is one of cause to de-motivations and confidence, Self-defense helps to regain confidence and motivates for life tasks.

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