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Matcha- A Tea with Golden Benefits

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The ever-trending topic amongst the fitness freaks, green tea has evolved as the healthiest drink of the country.

But ever heard about Matcha?

Matcha is a green tea that is the central focus of Japanese tea ceremonies. Just like its name, the preparation method of this tea is unique too. This tea is traditionally prepared using the bamboo whisk, to knead matcha powder into the hot water. However, it requires a lot of practice and precision to get the perfectly frothy and creamy mixture.

Matcha Tea With Golden Benefits

Sounds interesting, right? To make you aware of this amazing tea, we have come up with some interesting facts that will surely make you crave for the matcha tea.

5 Facts about Matcha that will make you amused:

1. Matcha is one in a million types of tea: Matcha made from ground whole green tea leaves makes it different and exclusive from the other brewed teas. Do you know?

One cup of Matcha tea gives benefit of ten cups of Green tea. Yes, you are spending extra over the green tea bags. Switch to the matcha green tea now.

2. Matcha is a power pack of caffeine: One teaspoon of matcha has 70mg of caffeine, where a shot of espresso contains just 64mg of caffeine. This means that one cup of matcha tea will give you a punch of 440 volts all at once. Even to make you realize the power, we must tell you that back in the 13th century, Samurai learned that drinking matcha could restore them physically and can prepare them mentally for the battle. Thus, they drink matcha before battles. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Metabolism booster: People with gained weight should regularly drink matcha tea. Matcha drinkers have a better metabolic rate than non-matcha drinkers. A higher metabolism ultimately means that at the resting state, your body uses more calories than a person with a slower metabolism. So, when are you switching your tea to matcha?

But just take into the notice of the type of matcha you are going for. Good quality of matcha has a bluish green hue. On the other hand, lower grade matcha is in a brownish-yellow hue.

4. Slow Down Aging: Here is the secret of having evergreen beauty like your 20’s. Yes! You are right. Matcha green tea comes with this amazing benefit as well. It has a good content of the antioxidants specifically catechins that prevents free radicals from destroying the body cells. It surely prevents skin aging and also prevents cancer. Even matcha puts you in a calm, alert, happy state-of-mind in just 15-30 minutes of drinking.

5. Bid goodbye to all your health issues: Surely, this tea is nothing less than an anti-illness drink. Be it it’s your heart disease, blood pressure issue, or bad breath problem; you are just a step away from getting cured. All you need to do is change your daily drink to the Matcha drink now. Even you can skip the milk as the German researcher discovered that milk neutralizes the effect of catechin. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with saying that matcha makes your body happy.

After going through the above facts, you surely need to try it for once.

What do you think about Matcha green tea? A magical-drink! Isn’t it amazing tea is working as your energy-booster?

To know more about your favorite drinks. Stay tuned with our blogs.

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Let’s bring a positive change in your lifestyle together!

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