The Secret To The Happy Life- Moderation

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

You might have heard the phrase stating ‘Moderation is the key.’ But do you know why it is so? Don’t worry! We are here to make you understand about the moderation only. Simply answer this questions first before we start with our blog. What will you choose - A life of excess or life of deprivation? That is a tricky question I guess. But we must realizes that neither of these will give us complete satisfaction. Anything given in CORRECT amount is the only way to be successful and happy. A balance in life is the most important part to enjoy the pleasure of life. This is why moderation is the key.


Moderation Brings Balance Into Life. Life is all about celebrating each and every moment. However, these moments are the results of how well you balance the two crucial phases- the extreme and the deficiency phase. The phases include all your habits, working conditions, and much more. Therefore, moderation is the ‘mantra.’ Living your life in moderation means you enjoy the things that bring expectedly or unexpectedly happiness to your life but with some boundaries that you have created on your own.

Same concept applies to fitness too. Neither too much dieting , exercise is going to benefit nor will a scarce amount of either of these two benefit. Now how to understand what is moderation? Let us first understand why people go to these extremes in the first place.

Why Do People Work Hard To Do Things Extremely?

Ever wondered why you can’t resist yourself taking that extra shot after having a full glass of liquor? Or why you can’t say no to the second piece of pie? This is because it is a simple human behavior that has now creeped into our psyche.

Surely these will give you instant pleasure but will eventually result in the downfall and unhappiness in your life. Some examples of these extremities are as follows:

1. Over Exercising

Extreme behavior is bad for the body and mind. Surely, not just smoking habits but some good habits are not that good for the body.

Example- Exercising daily is a good habit while over-exercising can lead to damage. Exercising daily doesn’t give the muscles time to rest which can lead to damage like sprains and ligaments tears.

However, over-exercising can keep you at a risk to heart disease, weaken your immune system, etc.

Even this addiction can keep you away from getting socialized or spending some quality time from your family.

2. Extremely low levels of physical activities

When you are trying to become fit, you need some amount of physical activity and exercise in your routine. If you are too lazy to do anything or you are doing it but in a very less amount, it will not benefit you. Therefore, right amount of balance is required while choosing any kind of physical activity or exercise.

3. Overeating

The inability to stop at the correct point while eating is one of the biggest challenges that we all face at some point in time or the other. We all urge to have cravings at some point in time but this craving shouldn’t come under the habit category.