What does your metabolism say?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Hello guys!! You might have witnessed many articles stating ‘boost your metabolism” or “Want to lose weight? Go for a high-metabolism diet.” But ever thought why is this term “ metabolism” so hyped when we talk about health? If not, think now. Come let us explore the true meaning of this term and understand the concept of metabolism in detail.


Metabolism is the internal process through which the body expends energy and burns calories. This runs 24/7 to keep your body moving, even when you are sleeping or resting the process continuously converts the food and nutrients into energy. This is required for breathing, circulating the blood, growing and repairing the cells and for every process that is required to survive.

How does the metabolism work?

Metabolic rate is basically how our body is utilizing the energy that we eat through food. The rate of metabolism or BMR is determined by various activities that we do throughout the day such as physical activity, sleep, kind of food we eat etc.

Some Interesting Facts About Metabolism

1. Your metabolism is present in your every cell

Most of the people discuss that metabolism will get flexible as if it is an organ or muscle. But in reality, metabolism is the process in which each cell burns the calories and convert into the fuel for your survival.

Thus, if you are asleep, remember metabolism is working for you at that time too.

2. Metabolism varies from person to person

Yes, you read it right.

People with same physique can have different metabolic rates. The difference is that one can consume a good amount of food and still doesn’t gain any calorie. On the other hand, the second person eat carefully by counting calories. However, the mystery is even the researchers don’t have the answer to why metabolism varies in people. So, no matter how similar you are to someone, you are unique with your unique metabolism.

3. Your Energy Burns At The Time Of Metabolism Resting

Your body burns energy in three main ways:

  • Basal Metabolism - Energy used while at rest

  • Energy used to breakdown the food

  • Energy used in the physical activity

However, the energy burns at the time of resting metabolism are more than the above situations.

On the other hand, physical activity accounts for just a tiny part of your total energy spent i.e. 10-30%. Last but not the least, digestion remains the last in the list with just 10%.

How To Work On Your Metabolism?

“You can manipulate your metabolism up to a degree.”

Your little efforts can speed up a naturally slow metabolism. How?