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Why choose easy?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Every day is a battle of choosing what is right. Choose between whether to study today or not. Whether to sleep all day or exercise. Whether to eat healthily or gulp down the same old food. It is nothing new when we tell you that the right path is always the difficult one.

Sleeping all day, staring at the television, and binge-watching on Netflix sure sounds alluring but studying and preparing for the near future will give you a head start when exams approach. This is only one example. People choose pleasure over persevere.

People choosing comfort is not the sad part, what’s sad is that they choose it over something which is beneficial and far more important. Exercising is taken as a side activity only for people to shed weight. It is a myth that has been implanted in society’s head. A thin person when talking about exercising, the usual response is “Why do you need it, you are perfectly fit”. It is only time to spread the word that exercising is not restricted to only a particular part of society but a necessity everyone should make time for.

The same is with maintaining good health. If we ask you what you would like to eat right now — some green vegetable or an extra cheese pizza, your answer would be the latter. A balanced diet is important because your body needs proper nutrition intake to work effectively. Otherwise, it is more prone to disease, infection, weakness, and poor performance. With poor quality food and irregular eating patterns, the body becomes weak and prone to poor academic performances, obese which leads to fear of heart disease. An unhealthy body is an invitation to chronic diseases. 

Here are a few tips to manage your diet:

  • Keep track of what you eat. By tracking, we don’t mean write down every other thing you have but be aware of what calories you are taking and how much nutrients you intake.

  • This goes without saying, have lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • Don’t skip meals. If you do skip a meal then that does not mean you will eat twice in the next meal.

  • Cut down on whites that are Salt, sugar, and refined flour. 

  • Be regular with your physical activity.

  • Restrict your fat intake.

  • Put a halt on how much salt you put in your food. Too much salt raises your blood pressure.

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