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Why strength training is important for females!

Maintaining a healthy body is in good health isn’t that difficult. All you need to unlock all doubt on how we can build strength with exercise.

Exercise can cure your doubts without taking medicine. It's difficult, but a devoted path which has numerous benefits, but what to do after reaching an age of 30-40s particularly in the case of Female body. In early 30’s women’s body started to lose their strength and bone become weaker by passing days’ human body spend their first three decades in building bone strength, but after reaching certain peak bone mass started to decline this process started slowly after hitting the age of 30’s, not only reduce bone mass strength, but certainly more issue comes forward in general. Then what to do?

How to build more strength in the body and cure ourselves without an intake of medicine and insulin?

Market is filled with so many insulin and protein supplements and various substitutes to increase bone mass intensity, but we often look for one source that is natural and effective. Exercise strength training is important for the female body to cure and increase bone density, to build up strength & immunity and even cure so many other related issues in the female body.

Developing daily healthy habits of Exercise in a Routine Benefits.

1. Strengthen inner core

Healthy routine such as exercise on daily bases helps to strengthen the inner core, the inner core refers to a group of deep muscles that under normal circumstances bestow stability to lower back and even enhance postures. Strengthen inner core with exercise & yoga improve muscles and give stability.

2. Prevent Bone loss

Bones are a support structure to our body that plays a vital role in protecting organs, anchoring muscles and storing calcium. Bone loss are a process of change which comes according to age from childhood to adolescence new bone build up old bone broke down, but after certain age our body unable to build new bone due to various factors such as inactive lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits [Consumption of Alcohol, cold drinks, tobacco], eating disorder, hormonal imbalance and excess use of medicine impact bone and reduce density.

3. Helps to lose weight

Active lifestyle and maintaining weight can be possible with Exercise which helps to increase metabolism and burn calories.

4. Better postures give leaner appearance

Our body temple of living ‘’God’’ regulars exercise helps to build good posture of body and even make it appear slimmer and even help to regulate and manage body weight.

5. Strong mindset

Exercise not only helps to lose and maintain body weight, but also helps to develop strong mindset daily habits of exercise or morning walks, clear mindset and build a good perspective for life.

6. Enhance mood reduce stress

Life is running in a speed of light somewhere we lack to keep up our self, due to stress of work any personal affairs our bad mood reflects our personality with bad impression, but building good habits such as developing healthy routines of exercise and yoga enhance mood and reduce stress. Activity helps us to boost energy so we can sleep better, make the brain stronger, and even improve self-esteem.

7. Reduce risk of injury even back pain

Back pain is a concerned issue any one can experience anywhere at any time due to lack of physical activity and laziness pain may become worse, but doing regular exercise helps to increase flow of blood even reduce stiffness of body and give muscular strength not reduce pain, but also improve posture of body.

8. Improves the risk of heart disease

Healthy heart is a key for healthy life eating mouthwatering cuisine, lack of activeness, dullness & obesity makes heart grow weaker, Exercise helps to improve blood circulation, stables blood pressure and improve cholesterol level developing habits of exercise religiously helps to keep heart strong & healthy.

9. Improve PCOS levels and body weights

PCOS affects women in many ways: increased body weight, inactive lifestyle, acne, infertility and hirsutism are the main cause active lifestyles including healthy venture women can cure, improve and maintain, eliminates pcos form their life.

Strength training exercise for you!

1. Steps ups

2. Dumbbell chest press

3. Single arms row

4. Hip thrust

5. Split squats

6. Deadlifts

7. Goblet Squats

8. Seated ball crunches

These exercises recommended by experts you can do indoors as well as outdoors without any issues all need to warm up your body before starting a workout.

Exercise and balance diet both work as miracle in our body developing and follow via of healthy lifestyle can cure numerous diseases and boost inner core which help us to keep our immunity strong as well strengthen our body especially for women, SampoornMe feel alive stands on three main pillar of life Mind | Diet | Exercise where you can change perspective of life with a healthy body and strong mind no matter what gender or age you belong to a healthy body leads to healthy life or life span.