Why Virtual Club

  • Fitness through interesting activities

  • Sessions by Expert trainers, dietitians and psychologists

  • Interactive sessions about mind, diet and fitness

  • Flexible timings

  • Variety of activities each day

  • Special offers

  • Online Personalized Sessions through Zoom

  • Constant updates through designated whatsapp groups

  • Goal Oriented Sessions

  • FLEXIBLE timings for your fitness sessions

  • Follow Social Distancing & Get Fit Online at Home

Fitness Sessions

Join Online

  • Discussion on mental health issues

  • Discussions on diet related topics

  • Weekly once relaxation session

  • Interaction with experts

  • Bonding amongst various people

Who Should Join

  • IF you want to get fit but you don’t have time? No worries. We have FLEXIBLE timings for your fitness solutions.
  • IF you feel the urge to get fit and don’t know how to take out time for it?
  • IF you start your fitness journey and never reach your destination? We have “Constant follow ups” to keep you consistent and on track.
  • IF you feel under confident?  We at SampoornMe, are here to look after your holistic growth.
  • IF you want to Boost your Immunity
  • IF you also feel anxious because of the current situation? Don’t worry, we are offering wide range of fitness exercises that will help you in the release of all the negative energies & convert them into the happy ones.

Who Will Train

  • Experienced Fitness Trainers
  • Experienced Diet & Nutrition Expert 
  • Experienced Psychologists and mental health experts
  • Renowned motivational speakers
  • Make your fitness goals into a fun journey. Join us at Sampoornme and know How
  • We have “Constant follow ups” to keep you consistent and on track.
  • We are here to look after your holistic growth, Never feel feel under confident again.
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